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We are working hard to scan all of scrolls and eventually display them right here.  Check back later for updates.  The alumni association has made it a priority to acquire and archive as much of our chapter’s rich history as possible and make it accessible to the actives and alumni to reinforce a sense of pride and purpose among our members and foster an appreciation and respect for those that came before us. Please help us to realize this goal by going through your belongings and donating TKE memorabilia to this archive. Below are just a few of the items that we are looking for at this time:

• Event Photos (songfest, greek week, house decks, Ironman, retreat events, etc.)Scroll
• Formal Pictures/Group Photos (please indicate date and event if not specified)
• Composites* (especially from the 50’s through the 70’s)
• Videos* (VHS tapes, DVDs)
• USC and TKE-related Memorabilia
• Ironman-related Information
*We will copy these and send them back if requested.

Please mail your donations to:
Beta-Sigma Alumni Association
c/o Erik Brannon
531 Main Street, #902
El Segundo, CA 90245

Digital files may be emailed to:

TKE Houses:
TKE West 1948
Map of the Row 1950
TKE West 1952
TKE West 1960
TKE West Front Door 1974-75
TKE East Side Deck 1975
TKE West Front Letters 1978
TKE West Front Staircase 1978
TKE West 1990

Greek Legend Yearbook:

Ronald Reagan at TKE Beta-Sigma
The Scorpion Club circa 1948
Architecture Annex Photo from 1950s?
Old TKE West Dining Room with fireplace!
Front of house during construction of dining room
Group Photo 1952
Group Photo – unknown date
TKE group photo from 1975 El Rodeo
Neale Hickerson Jim Ishii and Bill Kistler in the Dining Room 1975
TKE Retreat: John Todd, Mike Daoussis and Clay Vreeland
More TKE Retreat
TKEs at Woody’s
TKEs at Woody’s 2

Steven ZHU TKE USC Fraternity Composite Photo
Robby Hauldren of Louis the Child TKE USC Fraternity Composite Photo
Golden Landis Von Jones 24kGoldn TKE USC Fraternity Composite Photo
Marc Benioff TKE USC Fraternity Composite Photo
Stephen Sommers TKE USC Fraternity Composite Photo

San Francisco Weekender: Dan Jones, Tom Pleau, Scott Johnson, Ray Hino and Louis Rothenberg circa 1976
SF Weekender 2
SF Weekender 3
San Diego Spring Break: Mike Simpson, Louis Rothenberg and Ray Hino circa 1977
Spring Break 2
Ray Hino likes Cold Beer
John Dau Scrapbook

Songfest date unknown
Champions with Alpha Phi 1975
Fred Jonas with Alpha Phi 1975
TKE and Kappa Alpha Theta 1977 1
TKE and Kappa Alpha Theta 1977 2
TKE and Kappa Alpha Theta 1977 3
TKE and Kappa Alpha Theta 1977 4

New House Concept 1980’s:

28th Street Magazine:
Row Street Journal – Fall Rush 1986
Row Street Journal – October 1986
Row Street Journal – Spring Rush 1987
Row Street Journal – February 1987
August 25th, 1987 – Trojan Surfs
September 2nd, 1987 – TKE Robocop Party Ad
September 9, 1987 – University Tour
September 14, 1987 – Rob DuPont
September 30, 1987 – Mongo
October 19th, 1987 – Swimsuit Edition!
October 26th, 1987 – Stock Market Crash
November 16th, 1987 – How Not to Yacht
December 1st, 1987 – UCLA Formal
December 10th, 1987 – Santa Dude
January 11th, 1988 – TKE Rush Ad “Looking for a few good players”
January 28, 1988 – Dry Police
February 9th, 1988 – Pete Sits
February 22, 1988 – Dr. Whip
March 7th, 1988 – Counterpoint
March 22nd, 1988 – Row Pirates
April 7th, 1988 – In the Name of Satire
April 28th, 1988 – Pirate Gazette

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