Our registered parties over the years include TKE TAKEOFF, Tropik Thunder, Halloween, Mardi Gras and Brochella.  Our registered parties are the undisputed largest and most elaborate registered parties in Southern California every year, hosting thousands of guests, professional DJs, concert grade production, waterfalls, lagoons, tropical forests, and a life-size tank.


Exchanges occur about 4 times during the year (2 each semester) at the Beta-Sigma Chapter. An exchange consists of the house and a sorority getting together, dressing to a specific theme and going out to popular venues all around the Los Angeles area for a night of dancing, socializing, and fun.


The weekender occurs every year in the fall when we travel to Northern California to dominate CAL or Stanford in football. Brothers often rent a van or RV, and caravan up to San Francisco for a memorable weekend in the city. Nobody misses the weekender game, which only makes this event even better.


Invites are formal dinners and dances similar to exchanges in that they are in very trendy venues, and buses are provided to each location. However, an invite is a guy’s choice for a date, and whether you are trying to woo somebody, or have fun with a friend, it is a great time out.


Brotherhood retreat occurs once a semester in an undisclosed location. For an entire weekend, all members stay somewhere remote, and meet to discuss goals and ideas for the upcoming semester. Nothing is more fun than spending time with your brothers.

Date Dashes

Date Dashes are surprise social events, where you have 24 hours to find a date to take somewhere fun (you won’t know where until the bus takes you there the next night). Be it a pool hall, mini golf course, or Medieval Times, everyone has a great night.

Brotherhood Events

These events happen every week, and are the experiences you will remember most in your Greek career.


Dinners are when a sorority comes over to the house for, you guessed it, dinner. It is a nice time to meet girls outside of parties and exchanges, and enjoy a delicious meal.

TKE Tent

The TKE tent is our alumni funded football tailgate. Located 30 feet from the student entrance to the coliseum, it gives brothers a place to watch other games, socialize and make contact with alumni, and of course eat. Often times sororities tailgate with us before games as an added bonus.

Red Carnation Ball

Red Carnation Ball, or RCB, happens every spring semester. It is our formal banquet in Las Vegas or other equally exciting location. Suits are a must, and everyone attends, as we view our video yearbook (or RCB video) that relives all the shenanigans that took place throughout the year.



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