Joining TKE

TKE is a very popular fraternity at Southern California and usually invites around 50 men to join per year.  Statistically, only 8% of men who want to join TKE are offered an invitation to join.  Men join TKE during a recruitment period called “Fraternity Rush” which occurs two times per academic year at the beginning of the fall and spring semesters.  Men joining TKE must be a student in good standing at the University of Southern California or other academic institution that is a part of the admission process into the University of Southern California.

If your son is selected to join TKE he will become a Candidate for membership in the fraternity.  Candidates embark on a thirty day educational program and upon successful completion are initiated. Candidates and their parents receive a written copy of the program including dates, events, and expectations.  TKE does not participate in or condone hazing, which is also prohibited by TKE and the State of California.

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