The TKE Iron Man Championship Dynasty

From 1974 to 2015 the Intramural Recreation Department crowned an Iron Man Champion at the end of a year long Interfraternity Athletic Competition. The competition pitted every fraternity against each other in just about every sport imaginable.  Major sports included Volleyball, Football, Basketball, and Softball.  Mid-range sports included Soccer, Track, and Swimming. And the competition even included smaller sports like Ping Pong, Bowling, and Over-the-Line.  Points were awarded for the first place through fourth place finishers in each sport.   At the end of the school year the fraternity with the most points was crowned champion.  No other fraternity comes close to the TKE Ironman Dynasty.  With 16 championships and one incredible run of 12 championships in a row, TKE dominated sports through the Iron Man era which ended in 2015.  Today TKE continues its athletic tradition of greatness through individual sport competitions and sorority philanthropy sports contests.

The Long Lost Iron Man Trophy is Found!

In Spring 2015 the Iron Man trophy was handed back to the Intramural department for the installation of a new plaque naming TKE the 2014-2015 champion.  Intramurals then announced the end of the Iron Man Championship and somehow the trophy was never given to TKE.  It was lost.  In the summer of 2020 the original Iron Man Trophy was found in the basement of the Lyon Center. It is in amazingly great shape for its age. The Intramural department didn’t know what to do with it, so they decided to see which fraternity had the most championship plaques on the enormous trophy. Guess what? TKE won with 16 championships. So they asked the President of TKE if he would consider making TKE the forever home for the trophy. TKE agreed, and today the Iron Man Trophy is proudly displayed in the TKE Library.

Click the images below for a detailed look at the Iron Man Trophy and the Champions from 1974-2015.

1974-1990 Iron Man Champions

1991-2006 Iron Man Champions

2007-2015 Iron Man Champions

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