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Dear Beta-Sigma Tekes,Beta-Sigma Alumni Association

The Beta-Sigma chapter continues its run as the best fraternity at Southern California. With a house 150 men strong, TKE leaders in key positions on UPIFC and campus organizations and programming designed to provide our undergrads with the best in academic and social opportunities, we continue on the path of establishing Beta-Sigma as one of the very best fraternity chapters in the nation.

Beta-Sigma’s long and storied past, its dedicated alumni, and committed volunteers have all played an integral role in the rise and continued success of this chapter I want to thank each and every one of you for your interest in and support of the undergraduate chapter, the incredibly successful TKETent, and the Alumni Association. Thank you!

This web site and other communication pieces are made possible by your yearly contributions. As we plan for the future we value your continued support and, if you are able and willing, I hope you’ll consider making an additional gift this year to support our specific scholarship fundraising efforts. You may earmark funds to go directly to either the Mark Jansen Scholarship or the Jeffrey Herle Scholarship by indicating which one you’d like your funds to go to in the space provided under your contact information below.  Thanks again for your generous support of Beta-Sigma and the alumni association and making our chapter the very best at USC!

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Enjoy this web site and we hope to see you soon.


Mike Ranshaw #940
President, Beta-Sigma Alumni Association

Beta-Sigma Alumni Association
531 Main Street #902
El Segundo, CA 90245

Officers of the Chartered Beta-Sigma Alumni Association:

Mike Ranshaw, President
Erik Brannon, Vice-President
David Bohline, Secretary

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