Rush Process

Fraternity Rush is managed by the University Park Interfraternity Council (UPIFC).  Register for rush here (not open yet). It’s a structured process that occurs over a 10 day period.  Rush is designed for you to meet different fraternities and fraternity members and for them to meet you.  All fraternities follow a similar schedule of events.  You can see our schedule here.


Rushing a fraternity is all about fit.  You decide which fraternities are a good fit for you. And fraternities decide which rushees are a good fit for them.  At TKE we have a rush selection committee made up of chairmen and members.  It is important for you to visit the chapter houses and meet as many members as possible, especially members of the rush selection committee.  If we think you are a good fit for TKE, we will let you know by inviting you back to events. Finalists will be invited to our Blue Chip Dinner. And bids will be given to a select group of men on the last day of rush.

Time Commitment

Joining TKE requires a significant commitment of time.  Candidates should plan on spending some time at the fraternity houses almost every day. It is important for you to discuss any time commitment issues before accepting a bid.

Financial Expectations

The cost of joining our fraternity and being a member is $3,200 each semester. Chapter dues fund each activity and amenity we have the luxury of offering. Every member, regardless of position or age, pays this obligatory expense. With this payment, you are entitled to all Fraternity-related events, as well as the meal service we provide while school is in session. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are served Monday through Thursday. One meal, brunch, is served on Friday. For candidates this charge also includes all candidate and membership fees charged by our International Headquarters.

Living in the Fraternity Houses

There are 65 spaces in two houses for our members to live-in.  Our housing is in very high demand and the ability to live-in is based on your commitment and seniority.  Housing is not available to candidates, however housing will be available to Initiates. You can discuss this with the rush chairs or your new member education team.  For information about how much it costs to live at TKE go here.

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