Need Based Scholarships

Corporate Sponsored Need Based Scholarships for Outstanding Members

Tau Kappa Epsilon wants the best men to be a part of the best fraternity at Southern California, regardless of their financial background.  Through our partnership with generous corporate donors we are able to offer need based scholarships to a select group of outstanding members.

Our corporate sponsors believe that TKE is making a difference in the lives of young men.  TKE is committed to creating BETTER MEN for a BETTER WORLD and we want to thank our corporate sponsors for investing in that opportunity for members who are otherwise unable to afford the fraternity experience.

Scholarships are awarded based on need and the member’s commitment to and work on behalf of TKE.  Both candidates for membership and members are eligible to receive scholarships and they are awarded once per year in the Spring semester.

The award amounts for the academic year 2022 – 2023 are:

$2,500 – Scholarship #1
$2,500 – Scholarship #2
$2,500 – Dreamforce Scholarship #1
$2,500 – Dreamforce Scholarship #2
$2,500 – Colgate Palmolive Scholarship
$2,500 – Chevron Scholarship
$1,250 – Forbes Scholarship
$1,250 – Walgreens Scholarship


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