Living at TKE

TKE offers housing for 65 members in two fraternity houses located next to each other just a few blocks north of campus.  The properties have a common fence which creates a large shared backyard that includes a full-size sand volleyball court and basketball half-court.  TKE has the newest, safest, and best maintained fraternity houses at Southern California. Both houses have fire sprinkler systems, fire alarms, new smoke detectors, emergency lighting, and commercial grade electrical systems. All rooms and common areas have heating and air-conditioning.

TKE is the only fraternity with a full-time, live-in House Director who manages day-to-day cleaning, and maintenance.  The House Director works with the Fire Department, Department of Public Safety and alumni board to ensure the houses are inspected and safe.  She also employs cleaning and maintenance staff.  Our full-service kitchen provides fresh and healthy meal service Monday to Friday.

Because TKE operates as a not-for-profit, the cost to live-in is much more affordable than university or other private student housing options.  Rent ranges from $7,060 to $8,150 per semester and includes dues and meal service.

TKE does not allow smoking or vaping inside the houses.  No hard alcohol may be possessed, used, sold or distributed by any member anywhere on the properties.  This includes members over the age of 21.  Hard alcohol is defined as alcoholic drinks over 15% ABV/ 30-proof.

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