How TKE Works

The undergraduate members of TKE run the fraternity.  They recruit new members, decide who gets to join, elect officers, and manage more than a million dollar budget.  They organize themselves to raise money for charity, participate in community service, hold each other accountable for their actions, plan incredible social events, host parents at their houses during family weekend, compete in sports against other fraternities, run an investment group, and form over 10 committees.  TKE operations are funded through member dues that are charged every semester.

A not-for-profit house corporation run by TKE alumni owns the fraternity houses and keeps them safe, clean, and in good condition.  TKE members pay rent to the house corporation to live-in and utilize the houses.  Alumni members also serve on a Board of Advisors which provides guidance to the chapter in areas such as risk management, financial management, and compliance with TKE rules.

TKE International Headquarters, located in Indianapolis, Indiana oversees TKE Beta-Sigma Chapter well.  TKE Headquarters has a staff of 30 and provides leadership development education, risk management education, and overall chapter operational support.

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