RIP George Strella #21

We are sad to announce that Frater George Strella, Beta-Sigma #21 and a chartering member of our chapter, died on June 14, 2022.  Frater George lived a very full life.  He would have been 93 years old on July 21st.  We remember George as a generous and consistent donor to our annual fund, an attendee of our alumni open house and bbq, and an alumni we are incredibly proud to call our own.  His last of many gifts to us were priceless photographs of our founders and 1948 chapter chartering event which we now proudly display here, here and here.  He even included a handwritten list of names by row in one of the photos.  We had never seen these photos before George sent them to us, and they are an incredibly important part of our history.  You can read George’s obituary here and watch his celebration of life service here.

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