Move-Out and Move-In Dates and Details – Summer 2021

The new school year is fast approaching. If you live in TKE now or will be moving into TKE, here are important dates and details regarding our move-out and move-in process:

Parking Lease End Date:  8/3/2021 at 6pm (this is when all cars must be removed from TKE parking spaces)
Move-Out Date:  8/6/2021 (this is when your TKE room lease ends)
Move-In Date:  8/18/2021 at 10AM (this is when your TKE room lease starts)
Parking Lease Start Date: 8/21/2021 at 3PM (this is when you can start parking in your leased space)

From 8/7/21 to 8/17/21 Lee and her crew will be preparing the properties for a new school year and for rush house tours.  This includes cleaning, hauling away stuff, making repairs, sanitizing, painting, maintenance and many other things as needed. To successfully execute this process we need our members to cooperate and understand the following:

  1. Move all of your stuff out of your rooms as early as possible and no later than August 6th at Midnight.  On August 7th all personal stuff left in rooms or common areas will be thrown away.  There will be no second chance area.  The only exception is the TKE East garage where members may store stuff.
  2. After cars leave the garage on August 3rd members may store their personal stuff in the garage.  On August 7th the garage will be locked and secured and there will be no access until move in on August 18th.  You then have until August 21st at 7AM to move your stuff out of the garage and into your room. Any personal items left in the garage after August 21st at 7AM will be thrown away.
  3. Be prepared to move into TKE on August 18th and make sure that all your personal items are in your room by August 21st at 7AM.  We need boxes, packing materials, and your stuff cleared out of the hallways and common areas for rush tours.  Any personal items left in the garage or common areas after August 21st at 7AM will be thrown away.
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