Chapter Moves In to Brand New Fraternity House

The New TKE East Opens!

by Michael Nigosian, #1250

As a senior in TKE, I have seen many improvements to the facilities over the past four years. However the most important, as we all know is TKE East, which had been in the planning process for over a decade. Being the first fraternity on the row to build an entirely new house in the last 30 years, is quite an accomplishment. Moving into the house as one of the first residents ever to experience this magnificent structure was a unique experience. The first night we had hundreds of people stopping by just to get a tour of this house that they had seen under construction for the past year. Nobody was disappointed. From its three outdoor decks, to the large open social spaces, this house was unmistakably a well-designed structure for a fraternity.

As people continually come to visit, the first thing that they say when they walk in is, “I can’t believe you guys get to live here.” Not only does TKE East have the largest rooms on the row, but the level of sound isolation makes it possible to study in your room while the residents next door may be listening to music or watching a movie. It has been a great honor to be here to experience this new house and it is something that the underclassmen definitely look forward to.

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