Marcus Jansen RIP

From Dino Loiacono, Beta Sigma #819Marc Jansen

“I am sorry to say that our friend Mark Jansen who has been courageously fighting brain cancer for quite a few years now, lost that battle today. Mark left behind two beautiful daughters Brittany and Meg, his wife Marie, his mother Sally, his sisters Cassandra and Cynthia and many other loving family members and friends. Please keep Mark and his family in your thoughts and prayers.

Mark Jansen, Beta Sigma #733, is hospitalized in the ICU unit of a hospital in Illinois. Mark has been courageously fighting brain cancer for quite a few years now. As much of a tough fighter as we all know our brother to be, his body is having tremendous difficulty keeping up with his incredibly strong mind and spirit.  Ever since Mark was diagnosed, I have witnessed him live his daily life to the fullest, as difficult as that often was for him. I will always be inspired by his wonderful spirit and incredible strength and courage. He still is and always will be one of my closest and dearest friends. I will miss him tremendously and am privileged and so very happy that my children got to know him and his wonderful family.

We are planning a memorial gathering for Mark for next Thursday 5/27/10, 5-8pm, at Donnellan at 10045 Skokie Blvd., Skokie, IL 60077-1026.”

Mark Jansen was a key leader of TKE at USC during the 1980s. He served as President, Treasurer, and general counsel to many of today’s active alumni. He started 28th Street Magaine at USC and grew the TB publishing empire that spanned all Southern California Colleges. He is and will always be one of our greatest Beta Sigma TKE’s.

Mark, we will all miss you.

TKE RCB 1984

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