Fraternity for Life Open House and BBQ 2011 Recap

Saturday, July 23, proved to be a great day for the 2nd annual Fraternity for Life event. This year we held a “BBQ” buffet of tri-tip roast and chicken with all the fixings and plenty of wine and beer for everyone. After lunch, we were treated to a tour of West and then East and then finished off with a walking tour of the row.

The event was well attended with over 30 alums and their wives. The undergrads were well represented too with many in attendance.

We had alumni that graduated in the mid-fifties, several from the mid to late-sixties, a couple from the mid-seventies, several from the eighties and nineties, and one or two recent graduates. All in all, we had a great cross-section and several alums mentioned what a great time they had, including frater Dennis Jarrard, who commented that he was able to see three of his brothers he’d lived with in the house and that it had been 50 years since he’d seen them. Another frater, Fred Leland, relayed how much he enjoyed the event and how proud he was to come back and see the condition of the houses and how successful the chapter was.

Make a point of making it to next year’s Fraternity for Life event–tentatively to be held in the middle to the end of July. We’re hoping to grow the event and make it an annual tradition.

Video Credit: Thanks to frater Tex Wall for making the video for this event.

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