Beta Sigma ELEVATE 2012

Alumni support propels our first ever professionally facilitated chapter leadership retreat.

On the weekend of March 30, 2012 a select group of current and up-and-coming chapter leaders traveled by bus to Pilgrim Pines camp in the mountains outside of Yucaipa.  Upon arrival these 15 undergraduates were met by five TKE alumni for 48 hours of thought-provoking focus on the future of TKE at USC.

We were privileged to have John Deckard, Chief Administrative Officer of TKE International as our guest facilitator.  As the force behind the TKE Leadership Academy, John used his strategic motivational talents to challenge our members and inspire action.  “Beta Sigma Tekes are used to being told how wonderful they are by alumni, parents and even National”, said David Bohline. “We wanted someone to tell them they could be much better to help them ELEVATE their game. We knew we would get that from John Deckard.”

The weekend consisted of indoor discussion and outdoor activities that were designed to provoke thought.  With no cell phones or electronics the undergraduates were thrown far outside their element.  One of the highlights of the weekend was when the undergraduates were asked to take over the retreat and started goal setting for the next school year.  The most consistent comment heard was that ELEVATE enabled the members to focus in a setting far away from the distractions of a 140 man house in Los Angeles.

Equally impressive for our chapter was the fact five alumni including Chapter Advisor, Chris Sorley, Tom Rule, Tex Wall, David Bohline and John Deckard volunteered their time to participate in the weekend.  This was noted by the undergraduates who genuinely appreciate the support that the Alumni Association and its members provide the chapter.

The inspiration for ELEVATE came to David Bohline when he attended the TKE Leadership Academy in Summer 2011 and saw John Deckard in action.  TKELA is supported by alumni donations and designed for the entire TKE nation, and Bohline thought that Beta Sigma could leverage the concept for the specific benefit of Beta Sigma.  Once John Deckard agreed to facilitate the event and the Beta Sigma Alumni Association pledged financial support the event planning was off and running.

“Beta Sigma is very lucky”, remarked Tom Rule.  “We have a great chapter, but we also have very generous alumni who have helped make our chapter what it is today.”  ELEVATE is an example of how your financial support of the Beta Sigma Alumni Association is making a difference in our undergraduates lives and ensuring continued success for the chapter.  Thank you for your generosity.

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